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Educational Programs

A. Spiritual Program
The aim of this program is to prepare the child to become fully human, socially-involved and truly committed to Christ through progressive formation in Christian values and community living.

  • a. Spiritual growth is a part of academy's mission. As such religious services such as masses, recollections, retreats, prayer meetings, Bible studies, etc. form a majopr part of the HCA student life.
  • b. Attendance in all religious activities is encouraged.
  • c. Students are required to bring their own Bibles (Old or New testaments) in their values class.
  • d. Students are encouraged to memorize their daily Bible Memory verse and quarterly Bible emphasis.
B. The Community Outreach Program
1. Complementing the academic and spiritual programs of the make the students aware of the nation's social. economic, the academy initiates the Community Outreach Program.
Also, it aims to provide the student with actual experience in community, synthesizing such exposure to identify the basic skills he/she has or he/she still lacks thereby becoming a well prepared high school student.

2. To ensure the success of the program, the Community Outreach Program has been integrated in the curriculum in Grade 10. All Senior high school students have to render community outreach as a requirement for moveup. But more than just a requirement, the Community Outreach Program puts into concrete terms the HCA mission-vision.

C. Environmental Programs
The purpose of HCA's Environmental Program is to enable students to make decisions and take actions that create an optimal relationship between themselves and the environment, to preserve and protect our natural resources.

  • 1. Tree Planting
  • 2. Campus Cleaning and Greening
  • 3. Garbage Segregation
  • 4. Recycling of Materials (paper, student's projects, plastics)
D. Citizenship Development Program (Scouting)
Scouting, Boy Scout of the Philippines and Girl Scout of the Philippines is a school program aimed at developing leadership, citizenship and value formation of every student. Its main goal is consistent with DepEd's goal to develop in students exemplary character.